Hadija Kinyaka Named the Best Woman Tax Lawyer in Africa

Hadija Kinyaka Named the Best Woman Tax Lawyer in Africa

30 July 2022



Hadija Kinyaka Named the Best Woman Tax Lawyer in Africa

  • She wins the Prestigious WOZA Africa Women in Law Award.
  • She sets the record as the first Tanzanian female lawyer to win the award.
  • Her more than 10 years’ experience in Tax Practice earns her the top spot.
  • Presented with the Award in Johannesburg – South Africa.   


Hadija Kinyaka, the Managing Partner of Lawhill & Co. Advocates, a tax and corporate law firm based out in Dar es Salaam – Tanzania, has won the 2022 Best Woman Tax Lawyer in Africa WOZA Award. Hadija becomes the first Tanzanian woman lawyer to win the award in the category of the Best Woman Tax Lawyer in Africa since WOZA Awards were founded. The WOZA Award has been presented and received in person by Hadija at the Peermont Metcourt Emperors Palace Hotel in Johannesburg on 30th July 2022.

Hadija stood high among the nominees based on her expertise and experience in advising and representing multinational corporations and local establishments in their tax disputes. At the age of thirties, Hadija has been exceptional in managing an incredibly modern, dynamic, and progressive law firm specialized in taxation and corporate transactions. 

WOZA Awards founded in 2018 are annually presented to women lawyers in recognition of their outstanding dedication, achievements and contribution to the legal profession. WOZA awards share, highlight and recognize the challenges women in law face in all areas of
legal practice. In this regard, the award seeks to recognize women lawyers in different categories aimed at encouraging and supporting women in the legal profession to prosper professionally.

Hadija’s win follows her more than 10 years of solid practice as a tax lawyer in Tanzania advising on high profile and sensitive corporate transactions and representing multinationals before various tax adjudicating bodies. Clients’ views of Hadija depict her as “highly and exceptionally gifted in timely, efficiently, and effectively handling of tax and commercial assignments.” Hadija has proficiently led the Lawhill Tax Team in resolving multi-billion dollars tax disputes. Her notable achievements in tax advisory and litigation include: -

  1. Successfully advising and representing an investment company in a tax liability of $ 63.5 million.
  2. Successfully representing an International Oil Company (IOC), a parent company to three subsidiaries in Tanzania, in a Capital Gains Tax (CGT) and Value Added Tax Disputes against the Tanzania Revenue Authority worthy $ 9.5 million.
  3. Advising three International Oil Companies (IOCs) on Farm out arrangements and their tax implications.
  4. Advising and representing a mining company in transfer pricing disputes which involves a disallowance of more than TZS 90 billion; and depreciation allowances on various assets used in the mine.
  5. Representing and advising at four telecommunication companies on their tax disputes involving the applicability of the International Telecommunication Union Regulations in the United Republic of Tanzania with a cumulative assessed tax of more than TZS 100 billion.
  6. Advising and representing a micro-finance company in a TZS 16.5 billion tax dispute involving complex transfer pricing issues and deductibility of realized foreign exchange losses.
  7. Representing a hospitality company in the share transfer transaction and transfer of leasehold interests in its two lodges.
  8. Advising an international company on the tax planning and implications in a very complex tax planning scheme implemented over a period of over ten years.
  9. Advising on the tax implications of various transactions that involved an international logistics company.
  10. Advising and successfully representing three companies engaging the manufacturing of cosmetics before the Court of Appeal of Tanzania; and
  11. Appearing before the Court of Appeal in various complex tax appeals for which she has gained lots of respect and established herself as an experienced tax litigator.

Being named as the Best Woman tax Lawyer in Africa in 2022 is a manifestation of her stewardship in spearheading tax practice in Tanzania. With this award, she inspires all girls and women in Africa aspiring to be excellent practising lawyers, that it is possible to implement their vision. 


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