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Hotels and Leisure.

The hotel market is both exciting and challenging and our team of hotel specialists are ready to help you whether you are investing in, financing, funding or operating a hotel business. We advise clients on a full range of legal services including taxation, acquisitions, disposals, developments and construction, equity capital market fundraising, bond issues, whole business securitisation, litigation and operation. On operation, our team advises on franchisement, hotel management contracts, and contract. We also offer a range of legal services in respect of corporate and business acquisitions and disposals, property ownership structures and risk/reward, investment and development facilities, construction, planning and construction dispute resolutions, as well as branding, where we advise our clients on commercial contracts, marketing and branding.

Partners at Lawhill & Co. Advocates’ tax department has acted for hotels in their tax disputes and has provided expert advice on how investors in the hotel industry are able to benefit from the various tax incentives offered by the government. Our team’s intellectual aptitude and experiences grown over the years, are key to advising potential and existing investors in the hotel and leisure industry. We have expanded our hotel team’s skills to cover allied services offered by airlines, tour operators and suppliers. Our clients therefore, benefit from the state of the art services at international standards.