Capital Markets and Securities

We are proud and confident in our capital markets practice which covers the full range of capital markets products and incorporates specialists in equity, debt, regulatory capital and equity-linked (convertible and exchangeable) bond issues, structured finance and securitization transactions and the full range of derivative products. Lawhill & Co. Advocates basically covers the whole spectrum of capital markets. Equipped with highly skilled and specialized lawyers who demonstrate prowess in a range of capital markets transactions, both domestically and on an international scale, with such a host of talented and experienced associates supporting a team of renowned partners in the space, we affirm the prestigious status as a leading firm in the trade. Our capital markets and securities practice is complemented by and integrated with other practice areas, including tax, project finance and banking and corporate practice. Such integrated structure ensures quality service to our clients and secured operation and survival in the business.  Our approach is guided by offering our clients not only technical knowledge, but also practical advice based on our experience.

We efficiently and quickly provide practical, integrated legal advice for all our clients' capital markets activities from a local and international perspective. As the markets adjust to the continually changing economic, political and regulatory conditions we rely on our world renown expertise and wealth of experience together and closely working with listing authorities such as Dar es Salaam Stock exchange (DSE), regulators, government departments and supranational organizations to ensure our clients receive innovative and precedent-setting legal services to enhance the blossoming and flourishing business. Working closely with our corporate clients their periodic and compliance matters has contributed greatly to our understanding of their business, which has in turn considerably enhanced our level of service.