Investment and International Trade

Lawhill & Co. Advocates has a high-quality investment and international trade legal team, focused on helping organizations attain their international business goals. The Firm’s services extends beyond the leading trade blocks including, SADC, EAC and COMESA, and AGOA and general legal counsel on various areas including, international trade agreements, international investment law, international investment arbitration, commercial intelligence and investigation, cross-border trade due diligence, trade remedies, customs regulations, export and import controls, government procurement, government relations, international environmental law and international intellectual property law.

Cross-boarder advice on tariff classification, origin determinations, labelling and format requirements, commodity tax, preferential access, calculations of value for duty, duty remission and drawback, refunds, seizures and ascertained forfeitures, duty relief and quotas. Our International Trade team regularly counsel companies on investment structuring to ensure that they benefit from robust protections under their contracts and international law. We can advise on effective strategies for structuring your investments and businesses to best take advantage of the network of international investment treaties and preferential trade agreements. Our highly experienced International Trade lawyers have extensive practical experience in advising Government institutions and private investors and have also made significant contributions to the evolving academic discourse on international trade law.