Lawhill & Co. Advocates’ Counsels can be reached at short notices and would effectively and efficiently serve clients as required. The Firm periodically updates clients on laws/regulations and recent court decisions affecting their particular industries.

Whenever a client feels aggrieved, the Firm’s policy is to urge the client initially raise the matter with the person(s) concerned, and if the client is unwilling to speak to the person(s) concerned - clients can contact the person with overall responsibility for the matter. If the client is still dissatisfied, they can opt to contact the Firm’s Our Client Champion, Dr. Erasmo Nyika. Where the cause of complaint is the Firm’s Our Client Champion, then clients can take up their matter with any of the other partners.

In the event, clients are still not satisfied; they have the right to complain to the Tanganyika Law Society. However, the Tanganyika Law Society generally requires that a client should try to resolve a complaint they have with the firm before contacting the Tanganyika Law Society.