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Litigation and Arbitration

Lawhill & Co. Advocates is reputed in general commercial litigation areas, both locally and internationally - having amassed vast experience in a wide range of civil and criminal litigation, including actions involving banking, securities, healthcare, insurance, real estate and construction. The Firm is highly-rated both by the Bench and the Bar in Tanzania due to its time-honored experience in and wide familiarity with the procedures and practices of the Courts in Tanzania. The Firm represents local and multinational companies, government institutions as well as private individuals in cases before the High Court of Tanzania (including the Commercial Court Tribunal) and the Court of Appeal of Tanzania.

The political and economic volatility in the energy sector has resulted in complex, high-value energy disputes in a range of jurisdictions. The increasing incidences of state intervention, as a result of a state viewing the originally agreed terms to be unfavourable to the government (this happens when all exploration and investment risks which formed the basis to agreeing to the terms have been eliminated), increasing renegotiation demands by the government, coupled with more intense competition for resources and stronger regulation, has also contributed to a rise in contentious matters.

At Lawhill & Co. Advocates, we advise on many of the most high profile cases in this area, managing effectively and efficiently numerous disputes where hundreds of millions, sometimes billions of dollars are at stake. As a matter of fact, these cases are characterized by significant volumes of documentation and complex, disputed facts and points of law involved. We have an excellent record of assisting our clients in avoiding or resolving disputes and regulatory issues through negotiation, mediation, international arbitration, litigation, neutral case evaluations and other forms of ADRs. All these transactions are supported by our market leading experts in Alternative Dispute Resolutions (ADRs), strategic litigation, and international arbitration.