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Infrastructure and Transport

The development of an efficient infrastructure development like transport system (airports, aviation, railways, roads, ports, shipping, and buildings projects), and other infrastructure it supports, are matters of high priority among governments worldwide, more so, in the developing economies. The Government of Tanzania has in particular committed to set aside substantial amount of money to finance infrastructure projects. Participants in such projects need lawyers who understand the unique issues affecting the different infrastructure concessions such as airports, roads and road maintenance, rail and ports as well as oil and gas pipes.

At Lawhill & Co. Advocates, we advise the full spectrum of participants from governments and public authorities, bidding consortia, special projects vehicles and funders to construction and operation subcontractors. Our services cover the full asset life cycle from creation to acquisition, the raising of sponsor or debt, capital to structuring and portfolio management and assets sales. Specifically, we work on major infrastructure project financings, mergers and acquisitions (both public and private), securitisations, asset financings, refinancing, regulatory matters, infrastructure fund formation, arbitration and litigation and construction projects.